– C u r r e n t – 


Beneath the Surface

Sculptures by Gregory Price & Paintings by Jimi Gleason

 September 16 – November 19, 2023

 Closing Party – Sunday, Nov. 19, 3-5pm


Beneath the Surface features conceptual glass sculptures by Gregory Price and multimedia paintings by Jimi Gleason. Gleason treats acrylic-coated canvases with a chemical mixture, which he then sprays with silver nitrate, transforming the surfaces into enigmatic mirrors. Price’s innovative and captivating glass sculptures explore the inherent resilience and fragility of the human experience.

sculpture Gregory Price
painting Jimi Gleason
sculpture Gregory Price
painting Jimi Gleason

– P A S T –


 Bret Price: A 40 Year Survey 

Metal Sculpture (1983-2023)

July 15 – September 09, 2023


Experience over 90 steel sculptures by the artist Bret Price in a 40-year survey of his career. The collection on display includes a range of sculptures from small to monumental. Our sculpture garden features an additional ten large metal sculptures, and visitors will be provided with a map guide to see the further nine sculptures scattered around New Bremen.

Bret Price Steel Sculpture
Bret Price Steel Sculpture
Bret Price Steel Sculpture
Bret Price Steel Sculpture


 Group Sculpture Show 

October 01 – November 20, 2022


The second exhibition at Art Source Ohio included metal sculptures by Isaac Duncan III, diverse ceramic sculptures by the late Jack Earl, and Steel sculptures by Bret Price.




May 2022


The inaugural exhibition included the placement of “Tipping Point Maze”, an installation by Elizabeth Turk, recent glass sculptures by Greg Price, steel sculptures by Andy Light, and selected works in clay and steel by Bret Price.